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MusiCal joins hands with another division TourEast, in offering tourists a choice of visiting Bengal’s folk music hubs where they can immerse themselves in the world of melody, rhythm, harmony and peace, on the lap of nature. Villages of Bauls and Fakirs, Bhawaiya and Bhatiyali artists, or tribal hamlets throbbing with the beats of Chau dance and Jhumur songs are ideal getaways for music lovers in bustling cities gasping for a breather.

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Gorbhanga village in Nadia district is the home of Fakirs - makers of soulful, mellifluous music. The village symbolises a quiet celebration of peace and free flowing music - the elementary essence of the village, practised in the age old Baul tradition. Baul songs embrace and preach oneness of all religion into humanism, universal brotherhood and also gender equality. Their philosophy and way of life has attracted visitors from across the world. The singers from this village are now making ripples across Europe, Asia and Africa. It is also evolving as a community led cultural tourism destination. The Fakiri Utsav is held every year in middle of November and the visitors may listen to Baul-Fakiri songs in its natural habitat. Tourists may also come to Gorbhanga throughout the year to enjoy the soulful music of the Fakirs. The other fairs and festivals throughout the year in Nadia like Raas Mela at Shantipur and Nabadwip and Lalonmela at Kadamhkali village at Asannagar are also major attractions for the tourists.

Baul Fakiri Utsav
Nov 17, 2017

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